The object of Shen Place Almshouses and its trustees is to provide safe and secure accommodation but not to provide a social service. Our efforts and funds are therefore directed towards providing high quality accommodation and gardens but the high standards required by English Heritage in respect of a Listed Building clearly add to our financial concerns.

We are required by the Charity Commission to set aside funds each year for periodic maintenance such as exterior repainting and also in a separate fund for the complete refurbishment of the property every twenty or so years. We have recently redecorated the exterior and refurbished two units so that we have run these reserves down. We still have two further units to refurbish and so your assistance with this would be greatly welcomed.

If you would like to help support the work of Shen Place Almshouses, we would be most grateful to receive a donation from you. As you probably know, the Government seek to encourage suppport of charities by means of Gift Aid.

The Gift Aid system enables all taxpayers to require the Government to refund some of the tax they have already paid to charities of their choice. In addition if they are higher rate tax payers, their higher rate tax bill will be reduced. It also benefits some of those eligible for Age Relief as the gift is deemed to reduce their income and this may improve their Age Allowance.

Donors must ensure however that they have paid sufficient Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax in the year of the gift to cover the tax refunded to the charity. This amounts to 25% of the donation. In consequence if we receive £1,000 in gift aided donations in a year, we are able to claim a further £250 from the Inland Revenue.

If you would like to take advantage of Gift Aid when giving please go to our Gift Aid page, where you can print off a Gift Aid form directly from the page (just press "Ctrl" and "P" simultaneously on your keyboard).

Please complete the form and send it to us with your cheque to our Treasurer at the Shen Place address above.

Thank you, we are most grateful...